Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weekly Read Wednesday: "Where Is Everybody?"

I thought I would start posting one book "review" of sorts each week. I'll be sharing some of the books my daughter and I have been reading together frequently, as well as more good finds that others might enjoy! Please do feel free to join in each Wednesday and post your own favorites! :)

Where Is Everybody: An Animal Alphabet by Eve Merriam is one of our current favorite reads. It's an alphabet book, but there are a couple twists...

What I particularly love about this book is that you can hunt for all kinds of things on each page that begin with that letter. For instance, on the "E" page, you will see an elephant, escalator, "enormous brown bag," eagle, exit, earmuffs, and more! It's great for children who are just starting to pick out same letter sounds.

Each page features an animal, and not just the standard ones, either. I'm not sure I'd ever heard of an ibex!

The illustrations are adorable! And if you look REALLY carefully, you can spot a mole (or his belongings) hiding throughout the story. It's just one of those extra "somethings" that make a book special!

Simple text, detailed pictures, search-and-find themes... Where Is Everybody is a winner!

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