Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Egg painting

We've probably all done marble painting, right? Here's a similar project with a holiday twist!

You will need:
  • Piece of paper with a holiday shape traced on it (we did an Easter egg, but you could do any shape you wanted to do)
  • Masking tape
  • Paints (we used craft paints, but tempera or any other child-friendly paint would be even better!)
  • Plastic Easter eggs, with or without weights inside
  • A pan with sides or a box lid

Tape your paper to the bottom of your pan, tray, or box lid.

Give your goofball child extra tape for pretending it's stamps on her hands. :)

Have your child help you squirt paint all over the paper.

Add plastic eggs. I put various objects inside (small toys, coins, wrapped mints, etc.) to weight some of the eggs down a bit, but it's not necessary. If your child is a little older, this could be a fun science experiment disguised as a craft (seeing which objects roll faster/better). :) Keep in mind, though, that the eggs may pop open, so don't put anything inside that you aren't okay with having painted.

Roll 'em around!

It was at this point that I thought how neat it would have been to do a second paper with hard-boiled eggs for a different look for the usual decorated Easter eggs -- two projects in one! Too bad I didn't have our eggs hard-boiled yet!

And yes, one of our eggs did pop open. No big deal!

Allow the paint to dry completely, then cut out your shape. What a lovely speckled Easter egg!

While I plopped the painted eggs in the sink to rinse them off, I was glad to have extras on hand so my toddler could enjoy playing with them right away! :)