Thursday, March 25, 2010

Seasonal lacing cards

I had some a couple sewing repairs that had to be done recently, so I thought, why not let my daughter do some "sewing" of her own?

You will need:
  • Colored cardstock cut down to a manageable size (colored index cards would work fine here as well)
  • Hole punch (if you have one that will punch the interior of a paper, all the better!)
  • Yarn

Punch holes in the shape of the letters you want to make. I had to slightly fold the cardstock to punch holes in the middle, so keep that in mind as you're selecting your letters. It doesn't look like it now, but this is going to be a letter "S." {Tip: Trace the order you want your child to sew in, or order the holes with small numbers.}

Give your child a piece of yarn and one of the cards and let them go to town!

I had fully planned on having to help my two-year-old with the order of holes, but wanted to give her a chance to "sew" as she pleased at first. What I did NOT fully plan on was having her freak out that the yarn was supposed to stay in the card. I also did NOT fully plan on her insisting that I finish do this project FOR her. Ah, two-year-olds!

Here was her (uh, my) finished product. I'd planned to use more yarn to string the letters up somewhere that she could see them, but I thought it was better to just hide them away.

This project was a complete and total FLOP for us. It would be much more suited for an older child. :)

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