Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weekly Read Wednesday: "When the Leaf Blew In"

When the Leaf Blew In by Steve Metzger was a Scholastic find a few years ago. I have the book on tape in my "listening center" I used in my classroom... but I'm waiting a little longer before pulling that out. :)

It starts with a leaf blowing into the barn, making the cow sneeze.

The rest of the book is a series of events in which one thing leads to another.

All the animals on the farm get involved.

The end of the book comes full circle when the leave blows back in, at which point, my class of first-graders would normally smile and groan that the whole course of events would happen all over again! It's a fun story with brightly colored pictures. It would be a really neat springboard for simple storytelling, with young students creating their own version of the continuation of the story!

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