Friday, March 12, 2010

Heart Shamrock

I've seen a couple cute ideas for using hearts to make shamrocks. How simple is that? Here's our take on it! We'll use this for a birthday card for a family member whose birthday is next week... and whose favorite color just happens to be green. :)

You will need:
  • Four green hearts cut out of construction paper
  • One green stem cut out of construction paper
  • One piece of construction paper to glue it onto
  • Glue
  • Glitter glue (optional)

Start by having your child glue the stem...

...and attach it to the paper. We folded our paper in half since we're using it for a card.

Next, have them glue the hearts...

...and attach to the top of the stem.

It was at this point that my girl said "butterfly!" :)

Continue gluing the hearts until you have a shamrock.

Otherwise called a "flower" in this house!

Next comes the part she was REALLY excited about! I found this glitter glue in the craft store this weekend and decided to add it to our art supply collection.

I confess... I did write "happy birthday." No, my two-year-old cannot write yet. :)

I gave her one glitter glue stick at a time to see what she'd do with it. I was slightly afraid.

It actually didn't turn out that bad! She didn't squeeze out half of each tube, as I'd expected her to do, and got none on her clothes. We both walked away from the table fairly clean. I say that's a success.

Here's our finished product! I'll write something to the effect of "I'm lucky to have you!" on the inside and let her "sign" her name by coloring.


  1. Thanks, Deborah! We're going to deliver it tomorrow... better go put it in my purse before I forget!! :)