Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shamrock tree

St. Patrick's Day is next week! I'm not a huge lover of St. Patrick's Day necessarily, but there are so many adorable activities out there that go with this holiday! When I found this one, I knew it was going on my list of "to do's."

You will need:
  • Tree trunk cut out of brown construction paper. If your child is old enough to draw one, have at it! There is a template available, but I didn't feel like cutting out all those branches, so I just cut this one out freehand.
  • Shamrock "leaves" cut out in varying shades of green. I had grass green, lime green, and sort of a minty green color.
  • Glue stick
  • Piece of paper for the background

Have your child glue the tree trunk onto the paper...

...and next the shamrocks.

Continue glue shamrocks in whatever order they feel like!

My girl was particular about wanting to finish one color completely before starting a different one. Whatever!

Here is our finished product. I thought it turned out pretty cute! I'm happily displaying it on the fridge. It's fun to have seasonal artwork up around the house... it makes things look festive! :)

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