Saturday, March 13, 2010

Finger paint rainbow

While St. Patrick's Day is often associated with the color green, rainbows are also intertwined in this holiday. This activity came from thinking of what I could do with my two-year-old that involved rainbows, using materials I already had on hand. I decided to finger paint again! This craft is a two-step process (or three-step, if you need to make your paints), so plan ahead.

First, I mixed up the remaining colors of the rainbow that I hadn't already made. Since I only needed a small amount, I used one recipe (not doubled this time!), and used my cruddy old muffin tin for mixing colors.

I still have a box of glass nursers that the hospital sent us home with when our daughter was born. *sniff* These little three-ounce jars were the perfect size for just a small amount of paint. It kind of looks like baby food, doesn't it? Peas, carrots, squash... blueberries?

I also wanted to note that I used a clear dish soap this time (Palmolive Pure and Clear). I also cut down substantially on the amount. I used only about two tablespoons. (Didn't measure; just estimated.) By comparison, I liked this batch a lot better than the first. It was a thicker consistency and not bubbly at all. It doesn't pour as nicely into the jars (I had to use a small spoon to scoop it into each jar, and then back out when we were ready to paint), but it's a much better consistency for finger painting. And, it seems to be just as washable as the first batch. :)

You will need:
  • Finger paints in all colors of the rainbow
  • Six sheets of light-colored paper (I used cream cardstock because that's what I had)
  • One sheet of light blue paper (cardstock, again)
  • Newspaper and masking tape are also helpful :)
  • Glue and scissors will be needed in the last step of the craft

Paint away! I laid out newspaper and taped it to the table with masking tape. Then, I put a small piece of tape on each piece of cardstock (one at a time) to attach it to the newspaper, just to prevent it from sliding around. I let my daughter choose the color she wanted each time, and just swapped out papers when she was done with each. I also carried her to the sink in between each color to rinse off her hands, but you could just keep a roll of paper towels handy. :)

Lay them out to dry. Aren't you jealous of my fancy-schmancy drying station?

When the paint is thoroughly dry, cut out arches, biggest (red) to smallest (purple).

Glue each arch in order. More good "learning colors" practice. :)

Attach each to the blue paper or cardstock to create your rainbow.

I LOVE how this turned out, and my daughter loves it, too! While this was a quazi-St. Patrick's Day craft for us, we also used this to teach her what a rainbow stands for (on a two-year-old level, of course). God loves and cares for her! She repeats, "God is love." :)


  1. That was such a great way to create a beautiful rainbow! You could cut up the rest of the painted paper into small squares for other gluing activities too!

  2. My 3's class is really into rainbows right now. I think I just might have them try this! Thank you!