Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Weekly Read Wednesday: Imogene's Antlers

A favorite blogger of mine mentioned Imogene's Antlers by David Small a few weeks ago. As it's one of our favorite reads as well, I had this in my mind as a book that should be highlighted one of these Wednesdays!

Imogene wakes up one day to find herself in an interesting predicament.

She's somehow grown antlers overnight and now has to figure out how to adjust to this new situation.

Understandably, her family's quite surprised!

Professionals are called in to investigate, but no one has any solutions to this unusual dilemma.

This is my favorite picture in the book! The maid and the cook find ways for Imogene's antlers to fit in and be useful.

When her family decides a hat is needed for the antlers to hide underneath...

...her mother faints at the result. I love Imogene's mom. She faints three times in the book!

I also love how Imogene is so relaxed about life, and not even giant antlers bother her in the least!

She wakes up the next morning and find herself back to normal.

Almost. :)

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