Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rainy day scene

After a stretch of beautiful, warm, sunny weather, we've had several rainy days in a row. I guess that's bound to happen in the spring, and it makes us more grateful for those sunny days when they come!

You will need:
  • A piece of construction paper (light blue, light purple, gray... whatever color you want your sky to be)
  • Cotton balls
  • A lightning bolt or two (yellow construction paper)
  • A few rain drops (blue construction paper)
  • A couple aluminum foil puddles
  • Glue

Have your child pull apart the cotton balls.


Add cotton to make clouds. I asked my daughter if she wanted to make one or two clouds, and she chose two.

She chose which cloud to attach the lightning bolt to.

She also chose where her rain drops would go... notice that the direction of some of them are a bit crooked. :)

Aluminum foil makes great puddles at the bottom of your weather scene.

Here's her finished product! This was a fun project that went right along with our day, and we also got to talk about how we don't have to be scared when it storms because Jesus protects us. :)

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