Thursday, April 22, 2010

DIY water table

I'm dying for a sand and water table for my girl to use this summer. Unfortunately for her, I'm as cheap as the day is long, and I REFUSE to pay full price for one! So while I watch for some amazing sale or a steal on Craigslist, we did a little improvising. :)

There's something about kids and water that just go together, isn't there?

You will need:
  • A large-ish tub/tote/bin (how's that for specific?) of some kind. I purchased this plastic (pliable) yellow tote from Walmart for $2 last week, and it has yet to actually serve the purpose for which I bought it... because this is just too fun. :)
  • A mishmash of kitchen utensils or objects. See here are: two tupperware containers, a ladle, a strainer, a sifter, a coffee scoop/measuring spoon, and a syringe leftover from what was probably a Penicillin prescription at one time.
The directions (as if you need them!!):
  • Fill tote with water and warm in the sun for one naptime length. :)
  • Add one or more small child(ren).
  • Stand back and watch the fun!
  • Have your camera on hand for cute (and hilarious) moments. :)

I made sure to do all the preparations while my two-year-old was napping. I like to give the water a chance to warm up a bit before having her splash away, but if it's a super hot day, maybe that's not needed! As I was finishing getting all of this set up on our deck, I noticed that this tote is apparently... three galons? Way to spell check, manufacturers of Walmart.

One tote of water and "toys" + one excited toddler + iced coffee and magazines for mom = an HOUR (or more!) of enjoyment! She LOVED this activity. LOVED it! We will absolutely do this again on the next 80+ degree day. Clean-up takes no time at all, and that's a good thing, considering we had an unexpected call from an out-of-town family member who was passing through and wanted to drop in to say hello... as we sat half drenched in sweat and water... ahem.

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