Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do-a-Dot Art!

Okay, this probably falls under the category of "Things Everyone Else in the Entire Universe Has Been Doing for Years," but I've just recently discovered Do-a-Dot paints, and I am in LOVE! I know I mentioned them once before, but since my girl just received hers over the weekend in her Easter basket, we are just now trying them out.

What I LOVE about these paints is that... they are so clean. I can actually let my two-year-old paint WITHOUT fearing that I'll end up spending her whole naptime cleaning up the aftermath. The whole "dot art" thing is so fun, but from a mom's perspective, I am seriously loving how low-maintenance these things are!

You will need:
  • Do-a-Dot paints {Note: You can buy these online - see link above - but I purchased our set from Michael's and used one of their regular 40% off coupons. It was a bit cheaper doing it this way... about $10.}
  • Any dot art printable or coloring page {Note: There are a hundred million places online to print dot art for FREE... don't feel like you have to buy the special coloring books unless you want to. One of my favorite blogs actually has a ton of educational printables that go with Do-a-Dot paints.}
  • Construction paper or cardstock
  • Scissors and glue... which I forgot to put in the picture :)

We started with green for the leaves of our tulip.

At two, she doesn't necessarily stay in the "dots," but who cares? She's having fun! :)

She chose purple for the flower.

When it dries, cut out your shape and glue to the construction paper. Lovely spring artwork!

This activity gets two thumbs up... from mom and toddler! :)

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  1. My 2 year old got dot markers for Easter! We like them too. Except he seems to think you need to pound them like a hammer... :)