Friday, April 16, 2010

Bringing inside activities outside!

This week, the weather has just been gorgeous. It's been warm and sunny nearly every day. We've played outside, had picnic lunches in the yard, gone on walks, and just spent as much time outside as possible. When I wanted to get some work done in the yard this week, I wanted an activity that would keep my two-year-old entertained and occupied for a decent amount of time, so I didn't have to worry about her running off. She's getting better about staying in the "safety zones," but at two, she's not great at understanding that yet.

Enter: the sensory tub. I was introduced to this idea a couple months ago, and we've used it nearly every week since. Spread out a large blanket or beach towel, plop the sensory tub (or whatever inside activity you're bringing outside) in the middle, and let them have a ball! The best part... when you're finished, just gather up your blanket or towel and dump the spilled beans back into the tub! Clean-up takes no time at all. :)

This activity kept her busy for at least twenty minutes, and she would have continued had it not been lunchtime. And I got almost an entire flower bed weeded while she played! Love that!

What are your favorite inside-turned-outside activities? I'd love to hear some new ideas! :)

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