Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weekly Read Wednesday: Color Dance

We've been working on learning colors for a while. My two-year-old is interested (very interested sometimes) in what color various objects are, but it's not totally clicking for her yet. I'm not concerned about it though, because everything I've read seems to indicate that learning colors is just like every other milestone -- children learn this at their own pace.

Regardless of whether or not she's ready to actually retain the information, we are currently loving Color Dance by Ann Jonas.

The book starts with the primary colors.

Red, yellow, and blue.

It introduces secondary colors by mixing each of the primary colors together in turns.

The book goes on to explain that each primary color, when mixed with itself, can only produces various hues of that same color.

However, two colors can make a variety of shades, depending on how much of each color there is.

I love this page! So colorful. :)

I also love how all the words are printed in bright colors.

The author continues by explaining what colors such as white, gray, and black do when added to the mix.

Such a cute, simple book, whether or not you're in the midst of learning colors at your house! :)

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