Monday, May 3, 2010


My daughter received a few Melissa and Doug play food sets for her second birthday and for Christmas. One gift she received was the Pizza Party set. If you've seen this play set (or a similar one), you know it comes with bunches and bunches of these little pizza "toppings," which stick with Velcro onto the wooden pizza slices. Very cute, durable, and easy for a young child to use. We've also discovered that they make an excellent sorting game!

You can start your child out by putting one topping of each kind in its own compartment, and have them add to it.

But what we've found works better for us is just letting her do this activity 100% self-directed! Isn't it interesting when you catch your child doing something you've never "taught" them? So neat to see the things they come up with and figure out on their own!

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  1. What a great way to extend the use of this toy. We have a couple of these sets too and I never thought to do something like this with them. Thanks for the tip!