Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Weekly Read Wednesday: Little Critter series

I love the Little Critter series by Mercer Mayer. What home library is complete without a stack of these cute stories? Since most of the Little Critter books are likely very familiar, I decided to highlight just a few pages out of some of the books.

{From Just Shopping with Mom}
Oh boy, can I relate to the mom in this story!

When the kids are trying to be helpful... well, you can see what happens!

I'm pretty sure I've had that look on my face more than a few times in a store.

{From I Was So Mad}
Little Critter tries to participate in what he thinks are totally appropriate activities, and shockingly, he gets told "No!" a lot!

When he gets fed up enough, he declares that he's running away. Do I EVER remember having the same "threat" in mind as a child! :)

Here's something I notice as a parent reading the story -- I love how the mom just waves! Of course, she knows he isn't really going to go anywhere. :)

{From Just Go To Bed}
This is another story that has taken on new meaning as a parent than it had when my own mom read this to me as a child.

I can really understand his parents' frustration by the end of the story and feel like telling my own daughter "Just go to bed!" some days!

Do you enjoy reading the Little Critter books? Which one is your favorite to share with your child?

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