Friday, May 14, 2010

Planting seeds

Planting... and hopefully growing! My daughter was recently given this little Sesame Street-themed planting activity. It came with everything needed for some afternoon fun!

You will need:
  • A planting kit (ours came from Lowe's and included seeds, pots, soil pellets, and little garden tools), or you can certainly just use your own seeds and pots!
  • Water
  • A bowl for mixing up the dirt
  • A tray or something else to catch water that drips through the pots

I assembled everything needed on the counter (but this would be a WONDERFUL outdoor activity!) and then called my daughter to come help do some planting. Begin by putting your soil pellets (or potting soil is just fine) in a bowl.

Add water. The directions on our kit called for two cups, and it was definitely wet enough.

Mix. Guess who LOVED this part??

Arrange your small pots on the tray.

Fill each pot halfway with soil.

This part of the activity was a hit as well!

Drop seeds in. We had bell pepper seeds. They are so tiny... I'm really hoping they grow because I love bell peppers!

It's a little messy (which is why this would be a great outdoor activity!), but not nearly as bad as you might imagine.

Finish filling the pots with the remainder of the soil to cover the seeds.

Find a sunny location to let them grow, and don't forget to water them. And since we did this activity several days ago, I can now speak from experience by telling you... watch out for wind! Unfortunately, I didn't think so much about this when I put the pots out on our sunny (and unshielded from the elements) patio table. I realized they'd blown over about two days later... boo. I'm really hoping I recovered at least some of the seeds to put into a more sturdy container!

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