Thursday, May 6, 2010

Coffee filter butterflies

Here's a super quick craft, using a household supply almost everyone has on hand!

You will need:
  • Disposable coffee filters
  • Paints (my daughter wanted to use Do-a-Dots, but watercolors would work fabulously here!)
  • Pipe cleaners in any color (twisty ties that come in boxes of garbage bags would work here as well!)
  • Newspaper... not pictured, but I quickly discovered this was a necessity! :)

Spread out a coffee filter.

Line some newspaper underneath and let your little one paint away!

The dot paints dried VERY quickly, and we were able to make a "butterfly" using our pipe cleaners in no time at all. Just scrunch the filter up in the middle, wrap a pipe cleaner around it (you don't even need a whole one), and twist at the top for the "antennae."

Happy springtime!

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