Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Weekly Read Wednesday: While Mama had a Quick Little Chat

While browsing through library books recently, my eyes landed on While Mama had a Quick Little Chat by Amy Reichert. I thought it sounded interesting just from the title, so I added it to our collection that day.

The story begins with Rose, a little girl whose mama is having a "quick" chat on the phone and asks her to get ready for bed.

Sounds like a simple enough task, but strange things begin happening right away! Four muscly men knock on the door and start bringing party supplies into the house. Rose tries to tell them they aren't having a party, but the men persist.

She tries to call for her mom, but Mama is too busy! Isn't this so true from a child's perspective?

Party guests arrive...

...and then hors d'oeuvres. In all of this time, Mama hasn't noticed a THING.

The one portion of the story that I didn't love (and skipped over) was that a magician appeared at the party and asked Rose to be his assistant. The picture and text may be just a bit scary for younger children (the magician supposedly saws Rose in two and puts her back together again), but older children would certainly understand it's just a story that's been made up for fun.

Mama is FINALLY done on the phone... Rose has to quickly shoo everyone out the door!

At the end of the story, Mama is pleasantly surprised that Rose got everything done that she'd asked of her before she finished her "quick little chat," and finds her asleep in her bed.

We really enjoyed this story! I read it to my daughter many times, and would pick it up at the library again sometime!

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