Thursday, June 17, 2010

Signing off for the summer!

I really haven't intended to neglect blogging, but it's just sort of happened with all the other summer activities that are in full swing! We've been enjoying spending a lot of time outside just about every day, swinging, sliding, playing in the kiddie pool, riding bikes and driving Cozy Coupes, drawing with sidewalk chalk, playing in the sand and water table (we got a real one!), going on walks, planting a garden, visiting with family, making plans for a couple long weekend trips, going crazy with having a garage sale (and then getting rained out...), and all the things that this time of year brings. Quite honestly, I'd much rather be doing all those (mostly) fun activities with my family than be sitting at the computer! :)

I'm hoping to pop in once in a while over the summer, so hopefully you will check back for those at a later time. I've had an idea in my head for months for a MESSY project that will involve the $1 Step 2 easel I just bought for my daughter at a sale last weekend... one dollar! :)

I'm planning to be back on a more regular basis in the fall, especially as I'd like to start a bit of pre-preschool with my girl. :) We'll see!!!

Have a fabulous, fun, FAMILY summer, everyone! And make sure to close the laptop or switch off the television, and get outside!

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